Happily Ever After Stories Start at Mending Hearts

Abby and Gabby truly hit the jackpot!!.....
These girls are in their forever home, together!!!
THE BEST PART!!!   (These girls were to stay at the rescue with us until they received all their treatments for their heart worm.).   This loving family fell in love with them and made their dreams come true.......they are being treated for their heart worm, living with their forever family and they are being spoiled rotten!!!!!
My gosh, what big hearts this family has!!!!!   Just what these girls needed!!!
Little Leia is Home!!!  

New Mom spotted her pic and just knew she was the one 💞
When they visited, Leia sure didn’t disappoint.... she welcomed all the attention ❤️❤️❤️

Waiting at home is Cookie, new big kitty sis!!!
Now there’s a cat for each lap 😻😻

So happy for Leia who came here with 2 of her babies.

Happy Valentine’s Day & Happy Life 💞

THIS Saturday morning, Sapphire is not looking out OUR window; he is HOME ❤️🎉❤️

His mom & dad couldn’t wait to meet our gemstone, and Sapphire was soaking up all their lovings 💙

He now has 2 kitty sibs - brother Franklin & sister Zephyr!!!  

We’ve watched you grow from a tiny kitten, Sapphire.  Now you are part of a loving family......we are thrilled 💞🎉💞

Happy Valentine’s Day & Happy Life, Sweetheart ❤️

Frozen now Sami wants to say she is so grateful for all the calls that people made wanting to adopt her. She feels so very Loved..♥️♥️♥️

She has been adopted by a perfect family. Sami will have 3 cat buddies at home to snuggle with & to teach her Everything she needs to know. 

From a tiny kitten found frozen to the ground & in need of 24 hour TLC to a beautiful kitty that has touched so many lives in such a short time. 

We wish you the Happiest Life & just know Sami, you will always be in our hearts.
Hazel has been Adopted by an amazing family with lots of kids to entertain her. 

This family understood her illness & knew they wanted to adopt Hazel & give her the most wonderful life. 

At home waiting for our sweet kitty are lots of new toys to keep her busy. 

We thank you for falling in love with this kitten and not letting her illness keep you from adopting. 

Hazel, we all are praying for a Happy Long life & we want you to know how much you are loved ♥️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Marcus FINALLY has his very own forever home!!!
While “dad” was filling out the adoption paperwork, he squeezed himself under the table to sit with his dad just to be close to him and lay his head on his foot.   
I think it’s clear how much he loves his new parents!!:)))
He will be one spoiled rotten boy for the rest of his days!!❤️❤️❤️❤️
Our beautiful, shy girl, Layah (right) found her perfect furever home! She has two fur-brothers who already love her and will help her gain the confidence she so badly needs. She also has a mom and dad who will love her and calm all of her fears. You touched the heart of every volunteer at MH. We are all so happy for you. Go be wonderful, lovely Layah, your life just got soooo much better! 💜
Thank you to everyone who applied to adopt Layah. Please  take a look at the other dogs who are still waiting for their family to adopt them. If Layah wasn't meant to be with you, maybe one of them are?
Alani had no idea she was going to be adopted over the weekend. 

Her new Mom & Dad came with their son to help him choose a best friend. Alani spotted this family & started putting on the charm. 

She chose them. ♥️♥️♥️

And the adoption process began..

Have a Happy Life sweet girl 🐾
Our little Dale was so excited to go home with this young man. 

He seems to be settling in just fine & I’m positive Dale is enjoying all his brand new toys. 

Have a Happy life little one ♥️
From homeless to this ❤️😻❤️
What good fortune for dear Maggie 😊

Now dubbed Pepper, she has a kitty brother KeeKee!!!  
In time, they will romp & roll everywhere 😁  
And so many new toys........

We are thrilled for you, Pepper.
You surely hit the jackpot.
Happy Valentine’s Day & Happy Life ❤️💕❤️
Morton is Home ❤️🎉❤️

New dad just knew he was the one. 
Once they met, that was that 😻

Now this darling boy will be spoiled beyond compare for years to come 💙

So happy for you, Morton.
Happy Valentine’s Day & Happy Life ❤️💕❤️

Beautiful Bonnie is Home 💕💜💕

New Mom spotted her immediately in Kitten Kabin.   Bonnie’s love of play and her feisty demeanor sealed the deal.  

Now Bonnie has a Mom & Dad who will love, cherish and adore her forever 💗

We are thrilled for you, Sweetheart. 
You’ll be remembered here with smiles. 

Happy New Year & Happy Life 😻
Love You, Bunns ❤️❤️❤️
Happily ever after for this amazing boy !!  He will be spoiled loved and have his very own human boy too!!!
Congratulations Bruno!!!!
LuAnne ❤️🐾🐾
I got calls for Chewy, but THIS call was the one 💙❤️💙
His calm demeanor and love of hugs won them over.  

Waiting at home was new doggie sister, Scotia!  Once Chewy is settled in, won’t this be a fun home !!!

Thrilled for you , Chewy.
You’ll be loved and spoiled silly 😻

Happy New Year & Happy Life 🎉❤️🎉
Destiny, one of our
Zeek (now named Oscar) hit the jackpot!!!
This boy is LOVING his new home and life beyond words!!  I sure wish that every pup was loved this much!!!
Kitten Sleepy has found her forever home with 2 amazing kids to keep her entertained. 

This adorable girl will have these kids playing chase & batting kitten balls with bells back & Forth all day long. 

Have the best life ever Sleepy ♥️
Precious Dopey couldn’t wait to lay in his new best friends arms. 

This sweet kitten loves kids so he was so excited to be going home with his very own human brother & sister. 

Have a Happy life Dopey. We will Miss you ♥️
Tom, Reddington & Elizabeth we’re all adopted together.

These 2 brothers & their sister are enjoying each & every day in their new home.

This family was so perfect & they knew they could not separate any of these kittens.

Thank you for adopting our babies. ♥️♥️♥️
Grump & Sneezy went to their Happily Ever After homes. 

These brothers get to stay together ♥️ 
What a great day for these kittens. 

Each day they will have each other to chase, pounce on or just curl up & take a cat nap. 

Charlie hit the JACKPOT!!!!
He’s FINALLY in his forever home where he’s going to be spoiled rotten!!  He has a new brother that loves to play just as much as he does!!!
Have a great life Sweet Boy!  You deserve the best!!❤️❤️❤️❤️
Luna and Snow White are now sisters forever 💜💜

New dad came to visit.
Luna greeted him warmly; Snow White took a bit, then welcomed the attention 😻

They are both settling in just fine.
(And still checking out all the new toys)!!!😊

Soo happy for these girls.
Happy New Year & Happy Life ❤️❤️
Penny found her very own forever home!!!!.....(it took a lot to keep her be still!!!)
Penny is one lucky girl!!!!
Have a great life sweet girl!!!!!!
Little Frankie found his perfect home! It was love at first sight for these two...and you know how much we love a
She was on her mind for 2 weeks.....💕
Lucy just didn’t know it 😻

Now our darling girl is being treated like the queen, and cared for with Love ❤️❤️❤️

So happy for you, Lucy.
You are a sweetheart 😍
Happy New Year & Happy Life

Sweet, beautiful Sky (right) found her furever home! She has an Aussie brother to help her learn the ropes in her new home and a mom who knows the Aussie breed very well! We couldn't be happier for you, little girl. 
Go be wonderful!❤❤❤
Cheyenne was adopted by a sweet lady a few weeks ago. 

This beautiful kitty found someone that understood her needs. 

Have a Wonderful life Cheyenne, We think of you daily & are thrilled for you & your new home ❤️
Our sweet Phillip was adopted by an amazing family ♥️

This kitten went home to lots of new kitty toys & a big cat tower for him to climb. 

We will miss you Phillip but we know you are being loved & spoiled so that makes the adoption process of letting you go so much easier 😺
One kitty - that was the plan 😻
The decision was just too hard 😻😻

Now Nemo & KoKo will be new brothers forever, with a playmate always nearby 💙💙

So happy for you 2 sweeties.....
Happy New Year & Happy Life ❤️❤️
Brothers Nicholas & Shepherd are waking up together this morning with their new Mom & Dad. 

These boys also got to be reunited with their best friend Noel who was adopted last week from Mending Hearts.

This family has a lot of Love to give these 3 boys & I know the kittens will give all their love to their new parents ♥️ 

Have a wonderful life sweet boys 😺😺😺
Happy now Benji was adopted by an amazing family. 

This sweet kitty is being spoiled as every kitten should be

We thank you for adopting our Happy & loving him as much as we do ♥️
Little Tresalina is waking up this morning at Home!!!

New dad came to visit, and decided SHE was the one 💕
After a very brief time of hiding, “Marguerite” is adjusting quickly.  
She’s made herself at home 😻🎉😻

Marguerite, you will be cherished for years to come.  So happy for you 💘
Happy New Year ❤️🎉❤️
The LAST one of the teeny babies to leave......
Have a wonderful life sweet Bentley!!!!!
Elf hit the jackpot tonight!!!!
Have a wonderful life sweet boy!!!   We are so happy for you!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
On this frigid morning, we announce Alaska is Home!!!💙☃️💙

New Mom spotted his pic; they met 💕

Now dubbed Henry, he is settling in just fine. 
He will be the King 😊

Sooo happy for you, Henry.
Happy New Year 🎉❤️🎉

Doc will have lots of fun playing with his new human brother & sister. This sweet kitty will be so loved ♥️ Happy New Year Doc 🐾
Noel spent his New Years Eve with his New Mom. This sweet boy will be spoiled & I know his new mom will be cuddling with him every moment she has. Happy New Year Noel 🐾
Sage & Scotty found their Happily Ever After & celebrated the New Year with their new family. Enjoy your new home & all your fun adventures with your new family 🐾
Harley was still unpacking 😊

Many here never met her, but that’s OK...... new mom met this affectionate girl and fell in love ❤️

Now “Veeta” has 2 kitty sibs - sister Pi and brother Owen, a MH Alumni! 💗💙

She, as her 2 sibs, will now be pampered and cherished forever.

So happy for you, Veeta.
A perfect way to escort in 2018 🎉🎉🎉
Happy New Year, Sweetheart 💞
It may be New Years Eve, but today is a special birthday for Jasmine!!  She turns two!!!
Happy Birthday beautiful girl!!! (She was adopted from us!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Bubba!!!
You are one lucky boy!!!!   
We all love you and are so happy for your amazing life you have!!!!
Pam and all of us at MH’s
Hope has a family of her very own! She has gone to her forever home and she is loving life! Go be wonderful, sweetheart!❤
Our Laney has been adopted and has a new brother and mom and dad. They will be able to run and play in a fenced yard!!!!!  Happy New Year sweet girl 
From almost euthanized to a wonderful home. Fairytale ending !!!!!  Love it 
LuAnne ❤️🐾🐾
Tazz and Deuce have left the building together!!  They are going to have the most wonderful loving life together as we have prayed for 
Thank you for opening your home to these great dogs!
Scooby's Christmas wish came true! Scooby (right) has joined the most wonderful family! He has a fur-sister who has as much energy as he does and a mom and dad who love him already! 
Go be wonderful, sweet boy. You deserve this 💜💜💜
Liam spent his first Christmas with his new family surrounded by lots of Love. We will miss your cuddles Liam but we are so excited for you & your new family. Happy Holidays 🎄
Little Fay was Home for Christmas ❤️🎄❤️

Her new family spotted her pic and just knew she was the one.  Can you say spoil??😻

Fay now has a big brother...... Sam, a Great Pyrenees!  What a pair 💞

So happy for you, Fay.
Happy New Year & Happy Life ❤️

Garfield is home for the Holidays 🎄 

This sweet kitten has settled in nicely with his new family. He has a kitty brother  Huey who was adopted from us a few months ago also. 

We are so happy Garfield has found a wonderful family to cherish him. He deserves it ♥️