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Meet Mack!!!!!!
This guy is an absolute love bug!!  He has a huge heart!!  Unfortunately, Mack hasn't had the best start in life, he has had to live his life  outside his whole life.  (I can't imagine how sad, lonely and depressed his life must have been.). He's a 7 year old mastiff mix, his family didn't have time for him anymore so he's here with us❤️💔❤️❤️💔.   He has NO idea that the BEST PART of his life is just about to begin!!!!   This boy is filled with pure love for humans.  With other dogs, he hasn't ever been around this point, he needs to be an only dog, no cats either.  Yes he loves kids, but because he hasn't ever lived in a home, he needs a home with older kids.
Mack LOVES WALKS!!  He's a perfect gentleman!!!   He is completely crate trained!!
Please, please share his post, he wants nothing more than to be part of a family for the first time in his life!!!
If you could be his forever home that he's waiting for, call me to fill out an application over the phone!!❤️❤️❤️❤️
The love and loyalty you will receive from this guy, oh my gosh......he will make someone very happy!!!
Pam 814-327-7991
Hey friends!
Meet Dravin.......
This guy is 10 months old (He could be Mocha's pup).....
This guy is SO VERY STRONG and desperately needs manners and obedience work.  We are looking for someone dedicated that can work with him for 3 days a week (at the rescue, we will give you the hours we need) that can physically handle him and know obedience training for dogs or willing to learn to work with him.   
Dravin truly needs help before being placed into a home.  He is good with other dogs, we are told he has lived with a small dog about 6 lbs in his previous home.  This boy is a puppy in a BIG dog suit!!  Mouthing, jumping up, all puppy behavior.
If you can help OR be his forever home, call me!!!  
Pam 814-327-7991❤️❤️❤️❤️
Please share his post!!!
Dear Santa 
  This is Mack again. 
All I am asking for Christmas is a home where I can be an inside dog sleeping in a bed and watching TV with my special person. 
I would prefer to be an only dog as the last six years of my life tied to a box alone. 
  Santa I am hoping and praying for my own home soon. 
   Please call LuAnne 419-3018 if you have question about me 
  Thanks Santa  
  Love Mack
Hi all. 
   It’s Mack again 🐶🐶 My wish from Santa didn’t happen. I am still here at the rescue. I love my rescue friends who take care of me everyday but I would really love to have a home for myself. I trust that my forever home is out there. I have watched my friends come and go and hope it’s soon to be my turn.
I spent yesterday at the house getting ready for new puppies  and had such a great time and found this wonderful sofa that is soo comfy!!!! Man, I wish I had a sofa to spend the rest of my days on!! 😍😍😍
I pray I can find a home where I am the only animal so I can spend the rest of my life being spoiled 😇 !!!! I love going for walks too!!!
If you could be my FOREVER home please call LuAnne at 814-418-3078. She’s waiting for your call and I am waiting to hear “Mack, you have a meet!!!” 
LuAnne ❤️🐾🐾
This picture about sums it up......look at the love.....this is Mack.   He’s a big teddy bear that just loves to be loved!!!
Mack is about 6 years old, a mastiff mix that loves everyone he meets.  I feel he’s still waiting for his forever home because he needs to be the only animal in a home.   He just isn’t a fan of other dogs, he doesn’t seek them out to be mean to them, he just wants and needs to be the only animal child in a home!!:)))
This boy loves walks, he loves nothing more than to just be with you, hanging out with you and just being by your side.   You will never meet a better friend, a more loving, loyal friend than Mack.
If you could be his forever home, please call to fill out an application over the phone.   He’s been waiting far too long.:(
Please share this post.  ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Pam 814-327-7991
He’s a 13 year old JRT mix.  He’s 13, don’t let his age fool you though, he’s an active boy that has many years ready to spend with his forever family.   As a dear friend puts it, “he’s NOT circling the grave! “. Lol!!    He’s alive and well!!!!
Fred  is good with dogs, cats and kids.  
He’s waiting for his forever home for the rest of his days!!!   
Fred wasn’t surrendered due to any fault of his own, his owner is moving and couldn’t take him with.
Please share his post, this sweet boy is waiting for his forever home!!❤️❤️❤️❤️. 
Pam 814-327-7991
He’s 13 years old, corgi mix, great with dogs, cats and kids.
Today at the rescue he was smiling at Casey, she caught his beautiful smile!!!!!!!....
He’s waiting for his forever home, if you could be it, call me to fill out an application over the phone!....... he’s waiting!!!!!!
Please share his post!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️
Pam 814-327-7991
Look into his eyes.   What do you see?   What do you see when you Really look at him?.......
Sadness? Distrust? Insecurity??   If so, you’ve summed up what humans have turned Finn into.   This boy has been given up by every human he has ever loved and trusted.
Finn is only 5-6 years old, he has been bounced around 5 times JUST from what we know from his history.
If he looks familiar, he should, he has been with us before.....
Wanna hear the worst part???   Finn is a hard to place dog,.....he’s “the dog that no one wants” from past history being with us.   He NEEDS a hero that will save him, will adopt him without dumping him as all of his past owners.
Finn is about 5-6 years old pittie mix, he’s great with everyone he meets, he HATES CATS, he isn’t a fan of dogs but oddly, he lived in a home with a small dog for quite a while and that small dog ruled the roost that Finn respected.
Please share his post.   This boy needs our help more than ever.
If you could be his forever home, call me to fill out an application over the phone.   He’s waiting!!!
Pam 814-327-7991
She IS the face of rescue💔💔💔💔💔
Thankfully she is here with us to heal and get better quickly!!!!
Chloe is a 10 year old black lab mix.  The picture in the upper left corner was what she looked like before and what she will look like again VERY SOON!!!!     This girl is on the mend already!!   Chloe is just a happy girl and always has something to say!:)))).  She is wonderful with other dogs, cats and kids.   She’s completely crate trained and I have a feeling house training will be a breeze!!!
Chloe’s owner just got a little overwhelmed with life, (sadly this happens a lot a lot).    A family friend that loves animals  stepped in and convinced her to allow her to come in with us.  We are so glad she’s here, she’s such a loving soul!!!   She’s got a lot of great years ahead of her!!:))).    She’s on medication and her hair should come back in quickly!!❤️
If you could be her forever home, call me to fill out an application over the phone.  
Please share her post.....
You won’t regret opening your heart to this amazing soul!!!!
Pam 814-327-7991
I can’t believe this guy is STILL here with us!!:(
He’s a 13 year old corgi mix.  Seriously, don’t let his age fool you, you would never believe he’s 13, this guy is a ball of energy and a mischievous little stinker!!   He ALWAYS has a smile on his face, he’s sure to make you smile too!!
Fred is pretty much perfect, he’s great with dogs, cats and kids.
If you can keep up with him, give me a ring to fill out an application over the phone.
PLEASE share his post, he’s waiting patiently.❤️❤️❤️
Pam 814-327-7991

Anne, thank you so much for taking his pics today!  He sure loved his photo shoot today!!!
You always make them feel so special, they have so much fun with you!!❤️❤️