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His name is Beast.  
We have so many nicknames for this love bug......Beastie Boy, Bubba, the nicknames we have for him are endless!!!
He's the true meaning of a
6-16-16.  That's the date he came into MH's.  Almost one year he has been with us.  ALMOST!!  Can we pull together and try to find him his perfect forever home?   
So, let's face it.  There's good reasons why he has sat and waited for THIS LONG.  Because he has some issues.  No, he's not perfect.  But that certainly doesn't make him not adoptable.  He deserves a home.  Surely there's a special person out there that can handle him?  My gosh, he's become a MH's favorite BECAUSE of his personality.  Yes, he can be a little $h**!  That's what makes him Denzel!!  There's a lid for every pot, we just have to look a little harder for this one.   
Denzel is a 6 year old Terrier mix.  He's temperamental.  He has some triggers, all of us at MH's know them and we won't sugar coat anything about him.  You WILL be prepared before adopting and each and every one of these issues will get nothing but better when he finds his perfect forever home.  He doesn't have a lot but he definitely does have a couple.  He's just not
Meet Gypsy.....
I hear SO many times
Let me start by saying,
Hi guys my name is Savanna . 
 I am a year old spayed female lab mix.  I am also Milly's sister 
I am crate trained sweet and affectionate like my sister 
We would love to be adopted together 
I also am not a Fan of cats.  They run and I think I should chase them 
I would also love a fenced yard to run and play. I hope
For an active family or owner 
Both my sister and I have been watching our friends go to their homes and wonder when it's our turn to go to our home 
I like kids but I'm very active and will knock them over so prefer kids older than eight 
If interested cAll Pam and come see my sister and I asap 
Pams number is 3277991
Thank you for helping us 
LuAnne ❤🐾🐾 and Kelly and sue for helping with this post
She's asking for your help.....
She's so tired of waiting for her forever home.
Luna is a spayed female 1 year old Catahoula Leopard dog.   
BEFORE CALLING....,,research this breed!!!!
Luna lived with a doggie friend in her last home, she got along with neighbor dogs, since she has been with us, she doesn't like any other dogs and won't even give them a chance.  She needs to be the ONLY dog.  She hasn't been tested with cats but as she is with other dogs I'm going to say no cats.  In a no fail home, no other animals, kids older than 10.
Luna is a special breed, not common in our area and there's probably a very good reason for this!!
If you could be the special owner that this sweet girl is waiting for, call me to fill out an application on her.  
Obedience classes with Linda Burley is a must that she continue.  She has one week under her collar and she loves it!!  You and her will benefit from it!!!
She's a stunning girl.
PLEASE SHARE HER POST, she's waited for so long.
Pam 814-327-7991
Could you please take another look at Sabanna?......
This girl is killing my heart.  She is a 1 year old pit/lab mix.  Not even one call on her since she has been posted.  She has one friend, Millie.  Those two are connected at the heart, literally.  They are litter mates, adopted together.  They were returned together when they, along with their
Meet Luna!!!!
This girl is more than just beauty, she's all brains too!  She's as unique as her looks so BEFORE CALLING, research the breed.
Luna is a Catahoula Leopard, 1 year old spayed female.  She is just so very sweet with people.  She can be a little shy with new friends but she warms up quickly.  She lived in a home with another dog before coming to us.  She also loved meeting all of the neighborhood dogs, since being with us, she is very defensive and hasn't been a fan of meeting new fur friends.  She hasn't ever been introduced to cats.  She hasn't lived in a home with kids, but has been around several.  She will do best in a home with kids over the age of 10.
Luna is an active girl, so be prepared to give her the attention and activity she needs to make her the best dog she can be.
If you could be her FOREVER home, call
Me to fill out an application over the phone.
Pam 814-327-7991
PLEASE SHARE HER POST to help her find her forever home.
Millie (on the left) Sabanna (on the right)
Both girls are 1 year old spayed female lab/pit mixes.  Both are waiting on their forever homes.  They do NOT have to be homed together.  Actually, it will be best for them if they are homed  separately.  They will gain independence and confidence once they are apart.  They will thrive and grow.
These two were adopted from us a year ago.  They are back with us because they joined in on picking on a cat with the other dog in the home.  The kitty sadly didn't make it.  (This doesn't make them horrible dogs, it's pack mentality).  The whole situation is beyond words heartbreaking.  I'm sorry to have to write this but as you know, I am very honest about each and every dog.  The good, the bad, everything.  These girls are simply the sweetest and crave your love and attention.  They are breaking our hearts seeing them waiting for their forever homes.  They will make someone an amazing best friend if given a chance.  Sadly, because of their breed that are being looked over time and time again.  They truly NEED your help, so if you're reading this, PLEASE SHARE.  They are BEAUTIFUL, these pics don't do them justice.
These two girls haven't been socialized at all.  They haven't ever lived in a home with kids and they don't feel comfortable around little ones.  Kids over the age of 14.  No cats.  They need a lot of socialization.  They would do wonderful in obedience classes.
If you could be a forever home for one (or both) call me to fill out an application over the phone.
Pam 814-327-7991
Dear Santa Paws,
Hi!  It's me Denzel.  I know it's Christmas Eve, I am asking for you to please spread your Christmas magic, to ask around for a family to adopt me.  I really need a family to call my own.  
Santa, I'm sad.  My heart hurts.  What hurts most of all is watching my friends at MH's look at me, I feel their frustration and sadness still seeing me in my crate.  I hear their whispers,
My name is Denzel and I'm very excited to tell you my story.......
I am a 4 year old, neutered male, Jack Russell mix.  I was turned in to the CPHS as a stray, I was then transferred to MH's, I was so terrified.  I didn't want to like anyone or trust anyone, I was afraid I would be abandoned again just because I'm a terrier.  
I discovered that humans here actually allowed me to be me, they still loved me no matter what.  They even figured out that, if I am last into the yard, I get along with everyone.  
Now for my exciting news!!!!   My special human, Luci, took me to obedience class, I graduated and my instructor Linda told me I was
If you're reading this post, PLEASE SHARE it.  She needs all of the help that she can get to find her forever home.  Just the right one for her.
Sabanna is a 1 year old spayed, pit/lab mix.  She is completely crate trained, loves all adults that she meets.  She didn't live in a home with kids, never exposed to them.  She wasn't socialized as a puppy.  
Sabanna was raised in a home with 2 adults, 2 other dogs (Millie will be posted later) she made a very bad decision.  She, along with the other 2 dogs in the home decided to gang up on 1 of the 5 cats (after living with them for a year) and killed him.  This is
Denzel is in boot camp!!......
Luci is the sweet soul that volunteered to take him to class.  For his first night, he did great!!
Denzel hasn't been adopted because he quite frankly is a SNOT!!  If he doesn't get his own way, if he doesn't like what you are doing, he turns around and snaps.  We are hoping to get his
Say hello to Denzel!!!
This guy is quite the little.....well, let's call him a little stinker! Lol!!
This guy is a Mexican jumping bean, ALWAYS BUSY, has a HUGE personality and attitude to match!!:). He will let you know when YOU step out of line and when he's not happy with something!  That's what makes him, him:). He makes us smile everyday!!
This guy is a rat terrier mix, about 6 years old, he's going to need help with house training because he doesn't pee in his crate because he has Excellent aim and just
Holy HECK!!  I've been doing this all WRONG?!!!!!
My famous saying is

277 days, 39 weeks and 4 days.......  (He came in to MH's on 6-16-16.)
Before coming to MH's he was surrendered to the CPHS as a stray.
I'm gonna lay it on the line, he's still  sitting here with us because to be honest, he's a jacka$$.  He's a terrier with an attitude.  Now, let's face it, don't we ALL have a little (or A LOT) of Denzel in us??!!!  That's why we all LOVE him so much!!  He keeps us on our toes, he will yours too!  He's sure to bring you LOTS of smiles, (lots of shaking your head too!). Lol!!  He's a fun little boy!!!  His personality is the BEST part of him, it's also the same reason that he's never had not even ONE MEET N GREET!!:(.   
Denzel is an an 8 lb terrier mix, he LOVES walks, LOVES being on your lap......
He needs a home without kids, he gets along with dogs and cats.  
If you could be his forever home, call me to fill out an application.  He's WAITING!!!❤️❤️❤️
Pam 814-327-7991
Please share this post. It's his only hope to find a home. We know his perfect home is out there! 💙💙💙

She's a Black and Tan coonhound, 6 years old.  If you aren't familiar with the breed, RESEARCH THE BREED BEFORE CALLING!!!
We are told that she likes to be the alpha, we haven't tested her with other dogs yet.
If you know this breed, feel you could be her forever home, call me to fill out an application over the the phone.  She will be best with kids over the age of 12.  We are still getting to know her.
Please share her post❤️
Pam 814-327-7991
Say hello to Chevy!!!!
Chevy is a 4 year old (he was just neutered today) lab/husky mix.  He has the personality of a husky.  Research the breed BEFORE calling.  He's an active boy that needs an active family.
Chevy has lived in a home with kids, he LOVES THEM!!  The youngest was 3 years old.  He lived with a cat and another dog.  He did great with all.  
If you are interested in Chevy, could be his forever home, call me to fill out an application.  He's waiting!!!!!!
Pam 814-327-7991
As most of you know, I'm no nonsense and I don't sugar coat ANYTHING.  THIS is one of the posts.  

If you are interested in one of 4 puppies, please read the post and follow the directions.
Only call the number at the bottom of the post to fill out an application.  (Do not text, message us or ask questions under this post.).  We are looking for serious adopters.  Your call will be returned in the order they are received.  We will be returning the first calls on voicemail to take applications until we feel we have enough to home them into their forever homes.  Please understand that we have 4 puppies available and we will receive a lot more apps that are amazing homes, we will be getting more puppies in and so many more are out their waiting!  These aren't the only puppies in the world needing homes.
Most importantly, we DO NOT HOLD A CERTAIN PUPPY FOR YOU.  I'm not posting if they are males or females for a reason.  At the time of adoption, we have found that when you come in, even though a family is completely set on one puppy, they have left with a different one.  That special sweet soul will pick YOU.  If you aren't flexible and open to any color or sex that is available, maybe these guys aren't the ones for you.
We don't know what these sweet babies went through before they came to us, we do know that it wasn't good.   They certainly lacked food as did their mama.  Because of this, they all have some degree of food guarding issues.  It's YOUR responsibility to help them work through this and manage it.  The first weeks with you will be very important.  You will need to research this issue.  Be prepared to work through this without giving up.  The last thing they need is to be retuned because of an issue that you are aware of BEFORE ADOPTION.
These babies are 9 weeks old, pit mix puppies.  They are very smart babies.  They are looking for forever homes that will work with any and all issues that may come up.
If you could be a forever home and fit the requirements that are posted, please call to fill out an application.
Pam 814-327-7991.
Meet little Logan.
He's a 10 year old neutered male min pin/chi mix.   He's just a little boy.
Logan wants nothing more than a quiet home where he can lay on a lap 24/7.   Is that too much to ask?   He's a shy little man.  We are told that he's completely house trained.  As I ALWAYS SAY, be prepared to help him with any and all house training or any other issues that may come up.
If you could be his forever home.  Call me to fill out an application over the phone.
PLEASE SHARE HIS POST.  He's waiting!!!
Pam 814-327-7991
Sweet little Maddie,
She's an 8 year old yorkie, she's good with other dogs and cats.  She's a little shy when meeting new people but warms up quickly.
We aren't sure if she is house trained, we can tell you that she's crate trained.  Before calling, be sure you are willing and able to help her with any and all house training that she will need.  The last thing that she needs is to be given up on for something like this.  She prefers a quieter home and a lap to lay on.  She just loves attention.
If you could he her forever home, call me to fill out an application.
Pam 814-327-7991
PLEASE share her post:). She's waiting ❤️

Hey friends, I KNOW these are kitties.  I'm putting them under the adoptable dogs album purposefully.  When I say they are near and dear to my heart to find their PERFECT FOREVER HOME, is an understatement.   Each and every single one of our animals are.  But this is a
Little Logan,
He's still waiting for a lap to lay on!!!
Could you please share his post to help him find it?
Logan is a 10 year old min pin/chi mix.  He only weighs about a whopping 5-7 lbs.  he's good with dogs, cats and completely crate trained.  We are told he's house trained.  As I always say
Not even one call:(.  
She's a harder place dog, she and WE really need your help to find her perfect forever home.  Could you help by sharing her post?
She's a 6 year old Black and Tan coonhound.  Spayed female, she gets along with other dogs as long as they aren't in her face.  She likes to be the boss.  She has to go out in the yard alone because we don't have a good match to be her
Meet Bo and Bella,
My gosh, where do I begin?  These two are the absolutely most sweetest dogs.  They are going to be the most wonderful addition to any family.   They are truly not a problem at all with us.  They are quiet, they never have accidents in their crate.  They go out with all the other dogs and puppies, they don't have a mean bone in their bodies.  They sleep together in the same crate.  They are just the easiest dogs you can imagine.  They love each other so much.  
They are both puggles, Bella is 8, Bo is 10.  Both are in excellent health, they love everyone and everything they meet.  They are good with dogs, cats and kids.  Spay/neutered.
We won't split them up.  They are so bonded and easy dogs.  I believe that someone will fall in love with them.  (My goodness, how couldn't you??!!!!!)
If you could be their forever home, call me to fill out an application!!
Pam 814-327-7991