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She's a Black and Tan coonhound, 6 years old.  If you aren't familiar with the breed, RESEARCH THE BREED BEFORE CALLING!!!
If you know this breed, feel you could be her forever home, call me to fill out an application over the the phone.  She will be best with kids over the age of 12.  We are still getting to know her.
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Meet Mack!!!!!!
This guy is an absolute love bug!!  He has a huge heart!!  Unfortunately, Mack hasn't had the best start in life, he has had to live his life  outside his whole life.  (I can't imagine how sad, lonely and depressed his life must have been.). He's a 7 year old mastiff mix, his family didn't have time for him anymore so he's here with us❤️💔❤️❤️💔.   He has NO idea that the BEST PART of his life is just about to begin!!!!   This boy is filled with pure love for humans.  With other dogs, he hasn't ever been around this point, he needs to be an only dog, no cats either.  Yes he loves kids, but because he hasn't ever lived in a home, he needs a home with older kids.
Mack LOVES WALKS!!  He's a perfect gentleman!!!   He is completely crate trained!!
Please, please share his post, he wants nothing more than to be part of a family for the first time in his life!!!
If you could be his forever home that he's waiting for, call me to fill out an application over the phone!!❤️❤️❤️❤️
The love and loyalty you will receive from this guy, oh my gosh......he will make someone very happy!!!
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6-16-16.  That's the date he came into MH's.  Almost one year he has been with us.  ALMOST!!  Can we pull together and try to find him his perfect forever home?   
So, let's face it.  There's good reasons why he has sat and waited for THIS LONG.  Because he has some issues.  No, he's not perfect.  But that certainly doesn't make him not adoptable.  He deserves a home.  Surely there's a special person out there that can handle him?  My gosh, he's become a MH's favorite BECAUSE of his personality.  Yes, he can be a little $h**!  That's what makes him Denzel!!  There's a lid for every pot, we just have to look a little harder for this one.   
Denzel is a 6 year old Terrier mix.  He's temperamental.  He has some triggers, all of us at MH's know them and we won't sugar coat anything about him.  You WILL be prepared before adopting and each and every one of these issues will get nothing but better when he finds his perfect forever home.  He doesn't have a lot but he definitely does have a couple.  He's just not
Dear Santa Paws,
Hi!  It's me Denzel.  I know it's Christmas Eve, I am asking for you to please spread your Christmas magic, to ask around for a family to adopt me.  I really need a family to call my own.  
Santa, I'm sad.  My heart hurts.  What hurts most of all is watching my friends at MH's look at me, I feel their frustration and sadness still seeing me in my crate.  I hear their whispers,
My name is Denzel and I'm very excited to tell you my story.......
I am a 4 year old, neutered male, Jack Russell mix.  I was turned in to the CPHS as a stray, I was then transferred to MH's, I was so terrified.  I didn't want to like anyone or trust anyone, I was afraid I would be abandoned again just because I'm a terrier.  
I discovered that humans here actually allowed me to be me, they still loved me no matter what.  They even figured out that, if I am last into the yard, I get along with everyone.  
Now for my exciting news!!!!   My special human, Luci, took me to obedience class, I graduated and my instructor Linda told me I was
Denzel is in boot camp!!......
Luci is the sweet soul that volunteered to take him to class.  For his first night, he did great!!
Denzel hasn't been adopted because he quite frankly is a SNOT!!  If he doesn't get his own way, if he doesn't like what you are doing, he turns around and snaps.  We are hoping to get his
Say hello to Denzel!!!
This guy is quite the little.....well, let's call him a little stinker! Lol!!
This guy is a Mexican jumping bean, ALWAYS BUSY, has a HUGE personality and attitude to match!!:). He will let you know when YOU step out of line and when he's not happy with something!  That's what makes him, him:). He makes us smile everyday!!
This guy is a rat terrier mix, about 6 years old, he's going to need help with house training because he doesn't pee in his crate because he has Excellent aim and just

277 days, 39 weeks and 4 days.......  (He came in to MH's on 6-16-16.)
Before coming to MH's he was surrendered to the CPHS as a stray.
I'm gonna lay it on the line, he's still  sitting here with us because to be honest, he's a jacka$$.  He's a terrier with an attitude.  Now, let's face it, don't we ALL have a little (or A LOT) of Denzel in us??!!!  That's why we all LOVE him so much!!  He keeps us on our toes, he will yours too!  He's sure to bring you LOTS of smiles, (lots of shaking your head too!). Lol!!  He's a fun little boy!!!  His personality is the BEST part of him, it's also the same reason that he's never had not even ONE MEET N GREET!!:(.   
Denzel is an an 8 lb terrier mix, he LOVES walks, LOVES being on your lap......
He needs a home without kids, he gets along with dogs and cats.  
If you could be his forever home, call me to fill out an application.  He's WAITING!!!❤️❤️❤️
Pam 814-327-7991
Please share this post. It's his only hope to find a home. We know his perfect home is out there! 💙💙💙

Hey friends, I KNOW these are kitties.  I'm putting them under the adoptable dogs album purposefully.  When I say they are near and dear to my heart to find their PERFECT FOREVER HOME, is an understatement.   Each and every single one of our animals are.  But this is a
Let me start by saying that if anyone thinks rescue is easy, let me tell you that it's not.  It will rip your heart out.   We all fall in love with dogs that quite frankly we CANNOT KEEP, even as much as we want to, it's not possible.  (THAT is the absolute hardest part for me anyway.)   We watch these dogs sit here at their
Meet Zena!!!!
Yes, she's a beauty!!!  How adorable is she??!!  
Zena is a 1 year old spayed female pitbull mix, she's good with most dogs that she meets, cats?, we haven't tested her yet.  (She is good with dogs of all sizes).    This little lady is a fence climber!!  She LOVES walks and everyone that she meets.  She loves kids, we aren't sure if she has ever lived in a home with them.  After testing, she doesn't have any food, treat or toy aggression.  She is crate trained.  She LOVES WALKS!!  Great on a leash I'm told!!
If you could be her forever home, call me to fill out an application over the phone!!!
PLEASE SHARE HER POST!!  She is waiting!!❤️❤️❤️❤️
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Say hello to this sweet little man that doesn't ever stop shaking, EXCEPT when he's in your arms!!!❤️❤️❤️.   He's a typical chihuahua.  He's a neutered 11 month old.  He LOVES TO BE HELD!!  When he is afraid, meeting new people, yep, can and will be a bit of a fear biter......all part of the breed!!❤️❤️❤️.   He is doing great with crate training!!!  As far as house training, well, expect to help him with any and all help he may need!!  Him being returned for this, it's the last thing he needs to be returned for!!  If you know this breed, and BEFORE CALLING, you NEED to be!!  
Wolf has lived in a quiet home, he needs a home with older kids.  He's great with all other dogs, he loves being with other dogs!!  He hasn't been tested with cats, but as sweet as he is, I can't see him having a problem with them at ALL!!  
BTW, this picture I took stinks!!!  He is much more adorable than this pic!!!
If you could be his forever home, please call to fill out an application over the phone.  THAT IS YOUR FIRST STEP.  We don't have open hours to the public.
PLEASE SHARE HIS POST!!  He's waiting!!!
Pam 814-327-7991
Wolf!!!!   (What a name, huh?  Lol!!)
Where in the heck are all of the chihuahua lovers?????
Wolf is STILL waiting!!  He is good with all dogs, I feel sure he will be great with cats.  He hasn't lived with kids.   If you know this breed, you will understand they can be a tad temperamental and they prefer a home with older kids......(Wild is great with everyone he meets!!)
Wolf LOVES being held!   He's completely crate trained, as far as house training, expect to help him with any and all accidents!!  He's only 11 months old.   This is the last reason he needs to be returned!!
If you could be his forever home, call me to fill
Out an application over the phone, we don't have open hours to the public.
PLEASE SHARE HIS POST, this sweet boy is waiting!!!!
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This happy go lucky girl......
Why in the heck is she still here with us???  Even worse, WHY hasn't she gotten even ONE CALL interested in her?????
If you are reading this, could you please share her post?.....
Zena is a 1 1/2 year old spayed female pit mix.  She LOVES to run and play with other dogs, she's completely crate trained, she LOVES Walks, LOVES playing ball and loves meeting new friends!!  We haven't tested her with cats, I feel sure she will be fine with them (but will enjoy chasing them in the beginning).  
If you could be her forever home, call me to fill out an application over the phone, she's waiting!!!!:))))
Pam 814-327-7991
Ughhhh!  THIS BOY!!  He's absolutely beautiful!  He definitely NEEDS a home that can handle his energy level!!!  He's going to be an AMAZING BOY with work!!  He needs some manners.
He's a neutered (recently) lab, 6 years old, good with other dogs and kids, we aren't sure about cats, he hasn't been tested yet.  If the perfect home comes along that have kitties, we will certainly test him.   He's crate trained and LOVES WALKS!!  Once he gets out of the rescue and gets going, pulling on the leash gets MUCH BETTER!!:).  He would LOVE a runner or active walker for a Best Buddy!!   Hoyt is an absolute loving boy!!!!
If you could be his forever home, please call me
to fill out an application over the phone.
PLEASE SHARE THIS POST!!!  He's waiting!!❤️❤️❤️❤️
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This is Betty. 
She is a 9 yr old terrier chi mix. Her family
Moved and couldn't take her along. 😢
She is a love bug and wants a lap to snuggle and watch TV
Betty is current on shots and we think spayed   She loves other dogs and not sure about cats. 
She likes to jump at our cats in kitty city 
She loves to walk and loves kids
She is an active girl so
Don't let her age fool
Please give Betty a forever home!!  If
You are interested In This
Precious girl. 
Pam at 3277991 

This beautiful girl is a 1 1/2 yr old spayed female border collie mix.  Please research the border collie breed before calling.  This is her personality!!  
Sadie loves everyone she meets, including kids (she lived with kids) but she does nip at them, herding them of course!!   Older kids are going to be best.   We haven't been able to get her with other dogs yet.  It's like she has a wall up with them and is distrustful being with them.  As of now, she must be an only dog.   We haven't tested her with cats yet.  We will certainly do so if the perfect home comes along for this gorgeous girlie!!!
Could you please share her post to help her find her forever home?   She's waiting!!😍
If you could be a good fit for Sadie, call me to fill
Out an application over the phone.
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He had fun at The Fear n Beer event today!  He was a Perfect gentleman as usual!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️
Max is waiting on his forever home!  He's a big boy!  He's a 10 year old Saint Bernard/mix that's crate trained, good with dogs, cats and kids.  He has lived with all.  He's a gentle giant that has the most amazing heart!!!
If you could be his forever home that's as perfect as he is, call me to fill out an application over the phone.   We don't have open hours to the public.  After your application is approved a meet will be set up.
Please share his post!!   He's waiting!!!
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Update......    I have SO MANY of
My friends saying to
This guy is a little ball of energy!  He's absolutely adorable, he's sure to make you smile every single day!!   He's a jack russell terrier mix, a neutered male, about 7 months old.  He's great with all other dogs, cats and kids.  He is doing great with crate training.  Of course he will need help with house training.  He came from the
Ughhhhh this gentle giant is waiting for his forever home!!  He LOVED going to the Fear n Beer event this weekend, he loved meeting everyone that came to this event!
This boy is about as perfect as they come.  He's great with dogs, cats and kids!  He has lived with all!!  He's a 10 year old Saint Bernard mix that is doing great with crate training.
He's a complete love bug!  A kind an loving soul beyond words!
If you could be his forever home, call to fill out an application over the phone!!!
Please share his post, he's waiting!!!!!
Pam 814-327-7991
Meet Lily!!
This little lady is a jack russell terrier mix, about 3 years old, spayed female, good with other dogs and cats.  She will need a home with older kids.  She is very sweet and loving once you earn her trust.  It doesn't take long.  Believe me. She's a complete doll!!   She's doing great with crate training, but as far as house training, she hasn't ever been outside, her feet never touched grass until coming to MH's about 3 weeks ago.  She is LOVING LIFE!!!!
Lily just craves attention from the people
She trusts.   I can tell you that she hasn't had the best life until she came to us to say the least!!!
If you could be her forever home, call me to fill out an application over the phone.   Please be patient, I'm backed up on calls but will return your call in the order it is received!!!   I'm just trying to post these sweet souls to get the apps and start the adoption process.  
Please share!!!
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Hey friends!
Meet Dravin.......
This guy is 10 months old (He could be Mocha's pup).....
This guy is SO VERY STRONG and desperately needs manners and obedience work.  We are looking for someone dedicated that can work with him for 3 days a week (at the rescue, we will give you the hours we need) that can physically handle him and know obedience training for dogs or willing to learn to work with him.   
Dravin truly needs help before being placed into a home.  He is good with other dogs, we are told he has lived with a small dog about 6 lbs in his previous home.  This boy is a puppy in a BIG dog suit!!  Mouthing, jumping up, all puppy behavior.
If you can help OR be his forever home, call me!!!  
Pam 814-327-7991❤️❤️❤️❤️
Please share his post!!!
Hi friends!!
Meet Shelby (left) and Calloway  (right).   Both are spayed females 5-7 years old.  
Shelby is blind in her left eye, nothing can be done.  She doesn't have any issues with it, she is a full sheltie, Calloway is a sheltie/lab mix.  They came from the same home, both girls lived with Max, the St. Bernard mix that is also posted under the adoptable dogs album.  These 3 love each other beyond words.  Trying  to home all 3 together, we understand is hard, a lot to ask.  We can still pray for a miracle, right???....
They are good with all dogs, cats and kids.  They have lived with all, they are crate trained.  
If you could be a forever home for 1,2 or praying for all 3 of these 3 amigos, call me fill out an application over the phone.  These 3 are beyond words perfect!!
Pam 814-327-7991
Hey friends!!  
Meet Baby!!  She is so much fun!!!  She loves more than life playing ball!  It's her most favorite thing in the world to do!!  She will retrieve a ball until your arm falls off from throwing it!   She is very clear vocally to let you know that she isn't done playing yet!!  She is amazing, her personality has just come out and she's a surprisingly sassy fun girl!!!
She is a 7 year old beagle mix, she is crate trained, great with all dogs and kids.  Cats, she hasn't been exposed them, I feel sure she will be great with them.   
Baby has been an outside dog for the last couple of years.  Those days are long gone, she is ready to live inside with her forever family!!!
If you could be her forever home, she is ready for it!!!!   Call me to fill out an application over the phone!!!
PLEASE SHARE HER POST, this happy go lucky girl is just waiting for her perfect home!!!
Pam 814-327-7991